Saturday, April 5, 2008

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The fountains shown in this image and the one below could be a great attraction for the Peoria region. The smaller fountains are estimated to cost $150,000 a piece, with an estimated additional $100,000 endowment to pay for energy, maintenance and replacement costs.

The larger fountain would cost about $500,000 each, with an estimated $400,000 endowment to pay for maintenance, energy, and maintenance costs. The smaller fountains could run during the day and early evening in the summer. The larger fountains could run on weekends at 5:00 pm, or on festivals and holidays. The musical theme of the fountains could be “Hands Across the Water”, and/or “Meet Me in the Middle.” Colored lights in the evening would add to the effect.

This famous fountain in Geneva, Switzerland
has become a
symbol of the city
and a major tourist attraction.

This fountain shoots over the Chicago River just east of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.

The Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago
was donated by the Buckingham Family.